CS22 Intro to 3D Computer Modeling - Winter 2019 3A

This class teaches the fundamental principles, methods and tools for 3D modeling. You use Maya and other tools to create an environment, an abstract image, and an animated character.

No programming or previous experience is needed. The class is fast-paced and intensive. We meet during every X-Hour and work is due every week.



Practice Sheets teach you techniques, tools, and methods that will help you with your class projects. These will be completed in class or as homework. Students are expected to complete all practice sheets by the due dates given, even though there is nothing to turn in.

Class Projects

Model and Rendering by Weiling Huang

Model and Rendering by Weiling Huang


Follow a tutorial to learn some tools and basics of environment modeling.  Then create a custom room, texture it, light it, render.


Nick Feffer, CS22 F18

Nick Feffer, CS22 F18

Create an abstract image using Maya tools, Mash, and Arnold.

Model and Animation by Riley Carbone

character model

Design and build your biped model. Add textures, rig it, and then bring it to life with an animation.