Tutorial: Rendering

Riley Carbone (Spring 2018)

Riley Carbone (Spring 2018)

Tutorial: UV Editing Cool New Tools


Tutorial: UV Editing

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Tutorial: Lighting Principles


Tutorial 2: Interior Lighting Practice

Work your way through this tutorial with your own room and you will have your room pretty much lit and ready to go.

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Tutorial: Image Planes

UV Texture Editing

Tutorial One : Build the architecture of a room

Due Thursday, January 10th by 2 PM. Turn in your .ma File to File A1 Tutorial 1 Room HERE


Start the room, build out the basic architecture, a fireplace, window, hallway, and trim.


Tutorial 2: Build Furniture

Tutorial 2, Due Monday, January 14th by 1 PM.

Turn in .ma file to folder A1 Tutorial 2: HERE