Practice_More extruding and edge practice

CS22 W19 Loeb

Let's play...

Exercise One - More extruding practice (based on a tutorial from Mike Hermes)

Create a Polygon Soccer Ball. Hit F to frame up the object.

Working with your object as large as possible helps you with details makes your models better in the long run.

You will find a mix of 5 and 6 sided polys on the soccer ball.

Selecting Tips

  • Select objects or components by clicking on them or marquee selecting them (dragging across them).
  • Shift selecting objects allows you to select more than one object at a time. It also toggles the selection (if it is unselected, it selects it, if it is selected, it deselects it.
  • CTRL + shift allows you to add to a selection, but it only adds to the selection
  • CTRL and clicking only deselects the object you click on, it doesn't add to the selection

In Face mode, CTRL + Shift select all the five sided faces.

Delete the selected faces.

In Face Mode, marquee select the remaining faces.

Hit CTRL + e to extrude.

Turn Keep Faces Together to OFF

Increase the Thickness to bring the faces outward as shown.

Then, to make the shape more interesting, change the offset to around 0.1

Class Challenge:

If you hit 3, you will see the object smooths out.

Go back to 1 mode.

If you wanted to keep the hard edge shape in 3 mode, what would you do?

You have five minutes to try it. GO!